Responsible investing

We take responsible investing seriously. Not only because we recognise the value it can add to investments, but because we believe it is our duty to have a positive impact in what we do.

We use negative screening and a strict set of principles to inform our investment selection. We, for example, avoid any companies involved in the production of weapons, nuclear power or those companies that use child labour.

We recognise the demand – from both institutional and private clients alike – to align financial goals with responsible investing. For many of our clients, it plays an integral role.

  • As real estate investors, this can mean improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the buildings they invest in. These improvements help drive demand, attract tenants and improve lease profiles
  • As investors in aviation finance, this can mean access to a purpose-built Shariah compliant structure. The values-based structure uses exclusionary screens and avoids investments that use excessive leverage
  • As equity investors, this means actively engaging with companies, taking part in shareholder voting to help influence company behaviour
  • As investors in private equity or debt, This means engaging with – and investing in – select companies or assets that support innovation and aim to have a positive impact.